About Me

Don’t be fooled by the title. I am not ALWAYS happy, but rather, DETERMINED to try! I have four kids, and just over my 18 years as a parent, I have been a SAHM, a single mom, a college student, a teacher, a newlywed, and now, an entrepreneur. So, I’ve had my share of negativity, grief, anger, and sorrow. But ultimately, I am determined to be happy.

Do we allow our trials to refine us or define us?

Trials, and all the negative emotions that come with them will find us, without seeking them out. Without actively countering that negativity, it will seep into our entire being through our thoughts, actions, relationships, view of the world, everything, until is has consumed us. In other words, we don’t choose to become that way, we allow ourselves to become that way.

On the other hand, if we can keep distance, and recognize, “I am feeling this way, but that is not who I am”, we leave space for happiness and all other good things to conquer our momentary heartaches.

In short, like everything in life, we have a choice. We can sit idly by and allow our trials to define us, or we can work through our trials with a determination to learn from them, refine who we are, and come out the other side stronger.

What does “Determined to be Happy” mean?

It means every day I choose to be actively engaged in cultivating a happy spirit, nourishing & maintaining a healthy body, and being cognizant of my mental health.

I have learned that it’s these three components that see me–and will see you, too–through all the storms of life.

Happy: Mind, Body, and Spirit

As I continue to study, everything I learn, I will pass on to you here. Check out my social media for short bursts of inspiration, read my blog posts to discover that you are NOT alone, and check out my products to help you become a more active participant in obtaining your happiness! I want to share everything I know about living a happy life with everyone I can! This way we can all spread a little more peace and harmony through our world.