How to Be Happy: For WHITE Personalities

This part of my “How to Be Happy” Series provides each of the four Personality Colors with a “cheat sheet” for how to be happy in their Personal, Professional, and Social life.  The most agreeable of all the personality colors, so guaranteed not to get offended that I’ve saved them for last, are White Personalities—the Peacekeepers.    

These “Colors” are defined by Dr. Taylor Hartman’s “Color Code”. If you are unfamiliar with The Color Code, start by reading my post, “The Color Code”. Then visit Dr. Hartman’s website, to discover what your color is!  I promise I cannot say enough good about this “personality test”. It’s fun, easy to understand, and shockingly accurate.

White Background

White Personalities are primarily motivated by Peace, both in their own lives, and in their surroundings.  They are often patient, kind, and accepting of others.  My husband has taken to saying, “That’s mighty white of you”, when he sees me do something particularly self-sacrificing.

These individuals carry such a peaceful air with them, people often feel more settled just being in their presence.  They are patient and kind with both people and animals.  Whites are so accepting of diversity and individuality; they are able to blend with every personality color!

White Peacemakers

How to Be Happy: White

Personal Life

  • Express individuality
  • Practice reflection and meditation for peace
  • Spend time alone
  • Set goals to help with motivation
  • Face your inadequacies slowly instead of ignoring them
  • Pursue individual hobbies
  • Establish a firm purpose
  • Learn how to express yourself clearly

Professional Life

  • Diplomatic and cooperative workplaces
  • Atmosphere that allows for diverse opinions
  • Flexible schedules
  • Content with bureaucratic environments
  • Working with a diverse group of individuals
  • Find an employer that values the harmony you bring to your workplace

Social Life

  • Set healthy emotional boundaries & clear expectations
  • Open up to others at your own pace
  • Committed relationships
  • Diversity
  • Kindness
  • Finding good in everyone
  • Overcome Fear of rejection keeping you from intimacy
  • Practice Random Acts of Kindness
White Kindness

What to Avoid: White

Personal Life

  • Confrontation
  • Don’t allow others’ purpose or goals overtake your own
  • Succumbing to a lack of motivation
  • Allowing others to dictate your thoughts and actions
  • Quashing your own passion for others’
  • A lot of change
  • Conformity

Professional Life

  • Overly busy, hectic atmospheres
  • Leadership positions
  • Decision-making
  • Positions that require you to motivate others
  • Lack of “fairness”
  • Being “walked-over”
  • Positions that demand immediate decisions without “think-time”
  • Risk-taking
White Strength

Social Life

  • Insensitive individuals
  • Extroverts that enjoy large social activities
  • Controlling personalities
  • Aggression
  • Relying on your social circle to make any and all plans
  • Drama
  • Forced intimacy
  • Rushed and harried conversation


No “color” should be given “carte blanche” to behave anyway they want because that’s “just who I am”

Even though these things might go against Blue’s natural inclinations, learning to be sensitive to these Pitfalls will help you be happy…in the long run!

  1. Overcome self-doubt.  Because White personalities are generally content to “go with the flow”, they often flow with situations they are unhappy with.  They allow this to happen because they hate confrontation, but also because they are filled with self-doubt.  When a white identifies a strong purpose and drive, they can overcome their biggest limitations, and move through life peacefully and happily.

“Whites do not often allow those desirable experiences that require the effort of risk, leadership, and honest expression into their lives.”

Dr. Taylor Hartman

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